Parisian entrepreneurs

Everywhere you go in Paris, there are street performers, buskers, artists, and sadly, many people begging. It’s heart wrenching (as surely as its intended to be) to see small children begging with their parents, the elderly or infirm shaking their cups or people down on their luck, with signs asking for money. It’s not possible to give to everyone (although I’ve never given money, I have given bread and croissants away).
There’s also performers on the streets, some with magic tricks, some gymnastic tricks. Musicians will jump onto the métro to serenade the train car. There’s one fater/daughter pair with a clarinet and violin, who are quite good. Some are good. Some are….well…not so good. But my very favourite is the ensemble who play at the Chatelet station. I think they’re there (or some group of them, not sure if it’s the same people) every day. They. Are. Fantastic.
I’ve attached various photos of different acts here (there’s loads) but also a thirty second clip of the ensemble playing yesterday. It’s such a great way to travel…







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