The French call McDonald’s ‘McDo’ [mick-dough]. Not a place I usually frequent, however, I had an appointment the other day and was an hour early. I hadn’t had breakfast and was in need of caffeine. I was on rue de Rivoli, which, while awesome, is obscenely overpriced – tourist central. I refuse to pay six and a half euros for coffee! I’ve heard that the coffee at McDo is good and cheap (and I’m no connoisseur, so I decided to give it a try).
First if all its been grossly hot in Paris. 40+ degrees everyday. It’s still 30 degrees at midnight! When I walked into McDo, I was stunned into immobility – air-conditioning! In France, the coffee doesn’t come from a pot at McDo, no sir. There two baristas there with a proper expresso machine – no joke. The coffee was under a reasonable three euros too! I had to order les petite pains because, well, just look at the adorable pot of marmalade you get with it! Also, it had free wifi.
I spent a very pleasant hour, in air-conditioning, drinking good, reasonably priced coffee out of a real cup (no paper here!), enjoying my breakfast (which wasn’t fabulous but was fine, especially for the price) and using free wifi! Bliss!



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