Mosquée du Paris et Jardins des Plantes


I went to the Mosquée and Les Jardins des Plantes today. I had a delicious couscous for lunch with mint tea. Only parts of the mosque are open to the public. There’s the teahouse, the restaurant, a beautiful courtyard and the hammam. The hamman is open to each gender on different days of the week and some days for both (swimsuits are mandatory on the days). There are no visits on Fridays (the most holy day in Islamic religion). It’s beautiful and richly decorated. The restaurant is both inside and out, with the doors open, hence the wee birds who flit in and out of it, landing on abandoned tables to nibble before the waiters can clear up!





After, I went to the Jardins de Plantes, which is down the street. The zoo is also in the garden, you can smell it from certain parts! The day was cut short by a rainstorm, as I had forgotten my umbrella at home. I dodged under storefronts and trees to the métro!







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2 responses to “Mosquée du Paris et Jardins des Plantes

  1. Genie McCaffrey

    I’m thinking you were very wet by the time you reached the Metro – that’s ok – your hair looks good wet! I came from Airdrie yesterday and got caught in the hail storm WOIW!!

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