King Tut


I went to the King Tutankhamun exhibit the other day. It’s only replicas but I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot and they did a good job with displays. It’s so fascinating to think that bout one hundred years ago, with little technology, they discovered a three thousand year old tomb! It was barely touched, most not at all, by grave robbers, unlike most other tombs in the Valley of the Kings.


The mummy itself was encased in two sarcophagi and then four large boxes and then put into a room with barely enough room for a person to stand between it and the walls. It took months for them to remove it all.


Every room was jammed with treasures and walls depicting the Kings’ life. Every piece was intricately designed and ornamented. The gold alone is stunning!


The tomb was filled with gifts for the afterlife as well as the deemed necessities. Jewelry, servant representations, ornaments, chariots, boats and the list goes on. Sadly, there were three small sarcophagi for his three children, none of whom survived. The fact that he married his sister may explain some of that. King Tutankhamun himself, wasn’t even twenty when he died, most likely from an infection from blowing out his knee.





Gives a whole new meaning to toe socks, eh?


Anyway, if you ever get the chance, I recommend it!




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  1. Okay, I’m a total dweeb because all I can think about is that SNL skit with Steve Martin

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