La Droguerie

This is one of my favorite stores in Paris. I’ve never bought anything though because I can never make up my mind what to buy – I want it ALL!

I found it accidentally a few years who when I got lost looking for a Naturalia store near Les Halles. Who wouldn’t want to go check out that colourful sign?!? It sells wools, threads, notions, fabrics and so much more.


Some of my favourite things are the walls of jars (which I already have an affinity towards) full of beads and buttons of every size color and shape imaginable. I have actually considered buying a huge box of “beautiful stuff” and shipping it back!


I have taken pictures of this store before, but they’re all back with my laptop. I asked, as I always do, and the proprietor was happy to allow it. However, this time, it was a Saturday and the place was packed. I couldn’t find an employee, so remembering they were congenial to photos, I took a few as I wandered about. I spotted the proprietor coming out of a back room and asked if it was okay if I took a few pictures. She grumpily replied, ‘No, not today.’ and waved me away. Oops. I’m assuming the large crowds and busyness of the day was the reason she declined. Oh, well. I got a few in anyway!




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2 responses to “La Droguerie

  1. Gorgeous!
    Um…. if you buy yourself some wool, will you buy some for me too? then we can have a stitch and bitch party and crochet/knit ourselves pashminas or scarves. I’m good for the $$, I swear! (as long as I don’t have to sell my first born to pay for it! – I was particularly partial to the burgundy and the soft pink which were right next to each other). Pushy friend is pushy.

  2. Not pushy! Great idea, now only to choose for myself……

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