Petite marche des puces

I went to the Aligre flea market the other day. There’s a big one in St. Ouen that’s enormous (it’s where Shmo and I went in our first date). I’ll post in that one later. This one is much smaller but very “Paris”. I was actually looking for a pot but no luck.


There’s fruit and vegetable stands to one side, down for at least a block. The vendors are not shy, shouting out ‘Madame’ and trying to catch your eye. They shout out that their produce is the best and their prices too. Many have small samples of their fruit, freshly cut, on a knife for you to sample. They wave them at you, hoping you will visit their stall.

Then there’s the other side! It’s full of everything from books to vases to clothes to jewelry. Some may not be legally procured, I’m guessing, but no one seems to mind. There is a stall draped with fabrics, some richly jewel-toned and some laces, so delicate, it’s like spider webs across your hands as you stroke it.

There is a myriad of items to be haggled over. Vendors keep a close eye on their wares, while simultaneously chatting with their competitors. If you linger over a piece, they will quickly cut short their conversation, and come to start to bargain with you. It’s difficult to resist pulling out your wallet at that point!



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3 responses to “Petite marche des puces

  1. jessica

    I love that you are enjoying yourself, and I love the photographs! jealous of the artichokes!!

  2. Genie

    I would bet that this was a long day – hard not to stop and touch, smell, taste or at the very least, look longer at all you see. Did you buy anything – some fabric to bring home to have made into something special?

    • No, I didn’t buy anything. I’m trying not to be impulsive…it will be there next month too. Also, it began to rain, a serious Parisian rainstorm – had to run to the métro so I didn’t get soaked!

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