Reason 798 why I love Paris

After an afternoon of drinking wine in a small brasserie avec mon amour, now chilling in a park, people watching, listening to free music (and it’s good) and enjoying the views. Do Sunday afternoons get much better?



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4 responses to “Reason 798 why I love Paris

  1. That photo has a very retro feel to it. Did you take it? if so, fantastic! It looks like it stepped out of the 60s!

  2. Genie McCaffrey

    The only way it could possibly be better was if your whole family was there and we were all watching the antics of children – possibly swinging, dancing, climbing or singing or all of the above. Then you have it all!

  3. Sounds like you are having a wonderful vacation! Mark says to say Hi to Mo. He had a question for him as well, but I’m such a bad wife I cannot remember it. Will send when I do.

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