C’est froid.


Well, not really. But the French are freezing. It has basically looked like this since I got here and the temperatures ranging from 16-22 degrees. There’s been some sunny days but not much. I, of course, couldn’t be happier! Perfect weather for me – aside from the hair issues. Yesterday, I saw people wearing, not just coats, but winter coats a few toques and a few people with gloves too. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. They think I’m crazy.
On another note….my hair. It has become three times it’s normal size (not compact to begin with). Due to its becoming it’s own entity, I am considering naming it. Suggestions are welcome…



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7 responses to “C’est froid.

  1. Gurl, you kind of must have a ‘fro now, so I’m thinking ‘fro name.

  2. Oh! And I tried to comment back to Mo’s comments on your other blog but I don’t see it showing up. I was on the train on my phone so I think it got stuck in the ether!

  3. May I suggest “Da Bomb Diggity” for your hair. Btw love reading your blog.

  4. Carrie

    I feel your pain my friend. Call it Shirley.

  5. Ok, Carrie, I have to ask, is Shirley your mother- in- laws name? 😉

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