Marche aux fleurs

I’ve been to the flower market before but very quickly. The other day, I spent my time looking around the place. It’s three or four long greenhouses down the block and across the street from Notre Dame in Île de Cité.

There’s vendors who own spots in the buildings. Some are very specialist- just orchids while others have a myriad of flowers, plants and other wares to sell.

It’s the kind of place that’s fun to browse and the kind of place I could easily spent a lot of money – then again, that doesn’t really narrow it down at all, does it? There are beautiful, albeit overpriced, Provençal linens, lavender sachets, baskets, ceramics and kitsch galore.


The flowers and plants are everywhere; cacti, fern, lemon trees and colourful blooms of every size. It smells heavenly!

There was one small funny moment – two men arguing fervently (do the French ever argue less than fervently!?!) about the gentlemens’ parrot. Not quite sure of the outcome, as I had to leave before there debate was done!

I showed great restraint and didn’t buy a thing. It doesn’t hurt that I know I still have many more weeks to go back!




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2 responses to “Marche aux fleurs

  1. Carrie

    Wow, incredible restraint!! I can see about 10 things I want just in your photos!!

  2. LOL. Cause you know, why would you go to the flower market without your parrot? Love that you got a picture!

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