Pigeons – one. Jennifer – zero.

A pigeon just pooped on me.

Pigeon report:
She has returned to my territory. She is bold. She sits in plain sight with no visible signs of defense. Is she brave or just stupid? Only time will tell. I have given her warning signs many times over the past days. She blithely ignores them as she taps on her machine, most likely communicating with her troops. I have enlisted the help of my comrades. They agree she must be stopped. We dance the Dance of War around her, shouting our war cries. Still she sits. Yesterday we did a few fly-bys with satisfactory response. The leaping and ducking are swift tactical moves, I admit. Our foe is more worthy than I imagined. Today, I decided on a direct assault. I dropped a bomb and made a direct hit! Alas, though retreat was obtained, I fear our foe will return. I shall keep her under surveillance and ensure she remains on our watch list.
We shall be victorious! Viva la France!



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5 responses to “Pigeons – one. Jennifer – zero.

  1. Comedic GOLD, I am telling you!

    The viva la France at the end is the clincher!

    • Genie McCaffrey

      One battle does not a war make and one win doesn’t necessarily mean the game is over!! Beware Jenn is there! HAHA Just got back from camping – the twins made sure I was as dirty (almost) as they were. So, since you are their aunt – watch out pigeons!!!

  2. Hello all. This is Mohamed. Aka mor money also know as the masterbaker in the underground bakery world. There is no war between pigeons and Jen. It is just that Jen is seeing attacks of the eagles snatchers while they are just pigeons doing their stupid business. We promise, no more postings like this one.jen is stopping having rose wine. We are having a good time. I know all about you guys…….yes, this is blackmail… Anyway. Hope to meet you all soon. Ps: is there a way to turn off jen’s continuous monologue…? I cannot even say a world even when she’s eating…..

  3. Still Mohamed here. Jen made me a wonderful dinner tonight. What a wonderful chef…. The pasta where not al Dante…. Just not cooked…. With that wheat I could have made flour for my baguettes…. Ps : still drinking rose wine to make it go through…..

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