112 a.k.a 911

112 is what you call for emergency services in France. I was out shopping the other day and saw a crowd of people huddled at the end of the block. Curious ( also I needed to be in that direction), I headed over. There were a group of rather attractive young firefighters and a whole lot of tourists looking up at the ladder set up against the opposite building. I heard one lady say ‘Oh there, I can see the smoke. It’s coming from that window.’.


As the firefighter walked down the ladder, I could see that he was holding a smoking ashtray! It had been sitting in the window box. Apparently, it’s owner did not completely extinguish their cigarette. Someone saw smoke coming from a window and called the fire department. As there was no emergency, the firefighters then posed with a few of the tourists!

P.S. I love the schmancy gold helmets!


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