There’s no rest for the wicked

To catch those who don’t already know, I’ll quickly recap my situation. When here two summers ago, I met Shmoe and we’ve been together ever since. I came to Paris last summer but due mostly to technological inconveniences ( I didn’t bring my laptop and no easy access to wifi), I didn’t blog. Whoever, this summer I have wifi and my lovely new iPad! Not perfect to write with but portable to take everywhere and easy!!

It’s lovely to be back in Paris. I have to say that this year, unlike last year, Ididn’t just miss Shmoe but this spring I started to miss Paris. I have become familiar with her and enjoy so much and appreciate those small things that make Paris so memorable.

One of the first things I did was head to the Marais for my L’As falafel. It was fabulous. I have been thinking about that falafel for ages! It was perfect, hot and crispy falafel with creamy and crunchy vegetables! With extra sauce piquante, of course!

Afterwards, I was wandering around, looking for a municipal park when I stumbled across this gem of a store. I was walking by and the glimmer of rainbow out of the corner of my eye, made me stop in my tracks. I wandered in and was entranced by the colours and textures. It’s a book binding shop with gorgeous book covers in every size and shape imaginable.

Theres also some stationary and other odds and sods but those book covers…I’m envisioning covering my plethora of books in tints and tones of a just a few hues. Hmmm….






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9 responses to “There’s no rest for the wicked

  1. So pretty!
    I’m glad to see you blogging again! I will follow you!!!!!

  2. Genie

    I;m glad you are there safe and sound and enjoying every minute – this shop sounds/looks wonderful – wish I could see it too! Your package will be mailed today – keep blogging! love you lots and miss you already Mom

  3. Paula J

    I’m so pleased for you. Glad you’re there and having an inspiring time. Slow it all down and live in each moment this summer. Paula

  4. Anne

    Oh Jenn… delighted to follow your blog and hear about all your adventures! Even the regular day to day of simply enjoying a city you love, with your gift of words seems so enticing! You are loved, and I will take great pleasure in your travels and photos!! Anne.

  5. Fantastic find!!! So jealous! Makes me want to be there! Can’t wait for your next post! I have started my blog as well – glad to see that the iPad app for WordPress works well!

    • You’ll have to give me link to your blog!! As for app…still some bugs and limitations. I prefer web version. For example, every time I try to reply to your comment using the app, it freezes up and I have to reinstall the whole app!

  6. Shan

    Have a wonderful time! I will live vicariously through your blog!

  7. Carrie

    I want my book shelves to look like that too. No wonder we’re friends

  8. jessica bell

    So very excited for you! I’m very happy that you’ve decided to blog about your travels again!!! Love from us!

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