Une petit probleme

The best croissants, great tradi baguette and the rest...yummmmm

A new patesserie/boulangerie/chocolatier has opened a half block from my apartment.

A half block!

Tarts and more patisseries

The smells coming out of there are incredible, the staff is very nice and the food is so, so good.

More tarts and les gateaux

I will say no more…the pictures will speak for themselves!

Les chocolates



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4 responses to “Une petit probleme

  1. Gita

    we have a bakery in our office building. I sympathize.

  2. Mom

    We just finished brunch and look what you’ve done! I want a taste (only a taste) of everything!!! AAAAHHHHH

  3. Jengie

    OMG. I want to live in the bakery. All I have here in res is a crappy tim hortons that only serves donuts. sigh.

  4. There’s a reason why there is often a queue to get in there!

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