The Manpri, the Manbag and the Fishing Vest

A very casual manpri

I remember the first time I saw in person the manpri.  It was on a very beautiful man at the gym – this was a few years ago.  Since this man happened to be openly gay, I thought that it might be a trend that caught on with a particular demographic.

Fast forward a couple of years to Paris and the manpri is everywhere.  Young, old, middle-aged, fit, not-so-fit, conservative, funky, hip and square…they’re all wearing them.  I really like them! Often worn with fip-flops or sandals, they also look great with athletic shoes and loafers. 

The Man Bag

The manbag.  Occasionally men in Paris will have a messenger bag, similar to ones guys often used in uni.  But this is not the manbag.  The manbag is very similar to my daily travel bag (no, Heidi – it’s not a purse!) but not from MEC (sidenote – love MEC and their stuff lasts forever –still have a backpack in great shape from high school!)  The manbag is square/rectangular, usually black and usually leather.  They occasionally have a funky buckle but are generally simple in design.

I think it’s brilliant!  Firstly, a bulging wallet in a pocket ruins a look.  Secondly, in Paris, you would be pickpocketed in about thirty seconds.  The other option is to put your wallet in your front pocket (again, not visually pleasing) or in the inside pocket of your jacket.  It’s way too hot to wear a jacket!  So, the fashionable, yet practical Parisian man came up with the manbag.  The manbag is not worn over one shoulder –  just like we women wear travel bags, the manbag is worn across the body diagonally. 

Another man bag and his friend has one too!

Fishing vests – I’ve noticed a lot of older men who aren’t particularly fashionable (and by older I mean long past retirement age) have solved the “where do I put my wallet so I don’t get pickpocketed” a different way.  They wear fishing vests as everyday wear.  It’s actually really cute and I think it’s adorable (and practical too!) and truth be told – it does seem to kind of “go” with their outfits.  These men tend to wear khaki’s, button-downs, socks with Birkenstocks, and bucket hats!

And it’s all over Europe apparently.  I met a guy from Brazil the other day and he wearing a man bag and manpri’s – ooh la la!



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2 responses to “The Manpri, the Manbag and the Fishing Vest

  1. Gita

    LMAO, I love it! the manpri!

    I remember once one of my guy friends asking why women carried purses and I was so tired and outraged that day that I started yelling “Because I’ve got the train tickets, your passport, your wallet, the travel book, and my wallet. Half this shit is YOURS.”

    so I’m glad to see men taking some action about it!

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