Things that scare me in Paris

Being pickpocketed.

A pigeon pooping on my head, shoulders, anywhere on me or on my food.

A rogue driver ignoring a light and killing me while I cross the street.

Somehow misplacing my Metro pass and getting a ticketed by the intimidating Metro cops.

Being pickpocketed.

Dying from heat exhaustion.

A conspiracy of pigeons continuing to dive-bomb me until I have a nervous breakdown.

A rogue driver ignoring all driving rules and killing me while I walk on the sidewalk.

Somehow being unable to open the metal shutters in my apartment and being stuck in darkness for the rest of my trip.

Somehow being forced to enter a glass elevator and it getting stuck – on any floor.

Something going horribly wrong with my computer, effectively cutting me off from communication from the outside world.

Paying more to fly or ship all the crap I’ve bought home than it cost to fly me here!

Addendum: Scare is obviously an exaggeration! and as much as I complain about Parisian traffic and drivers, it isn’t that bad…nothing like Rome!



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3 responses to “Things that scare me in Paris

  1. Mom

    I miss your sense of humour and your smile, and oh yeah, YOU!!
    made me smile on a very bad day – thank you
    see you soon, starting to count the days

  2. My Greek friend would spit on all of these with a “ftou” so that they don’t ever happen and write something about “Don’t tempt the gods!” So *ftou ftou ftou* on all of these, lol.

    Mine is not being able to find a restroom when I need one. A truly scary thing in Paris, IMHO!

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