“The Gates of Hell” indeed

The Gates of Hell

So I’ve decided to take a break from museums (gasp! Je sais…quelle horreur!) for a few days.  Mostly because I almost lost my shit on a few people today.  Queues for tourist places are to be expected and since I’m not on a strict schedule, it doesn’t really bother me.  I realize that most travellers are on a schedule and they get impatient however.  I am however, sick and tired of people cutting in front of me!

Musee de Rodin

At the Rodin, there was a queue outside the museum.  Then they would let in a group of people to form two more queues – one for those with pre-purchased tickets (including the 18-25 EU students – they get into all the museums for free) and one for those who need to buy tickets. I need to buy so I was behind these two ladies in their late fifties/early sixties who also needed to buy tickets.  We were waiting for some time for although the queue wasn’t long, it wasn’t moving quickly either.  I heard them discuss going to the other queue as they thought they could get away with it as they were “little old ladies”.  Which they aren’t. and they were paying in cash – which they were (a 200 Euro note by the way – I’m amazed they took it – I have a hard enough time getting someone to take a 50!)

The story says that these two were condemned to an eternity in hell for this one kiss - she was his brother's wife.

Anyways, they did go to the other side and the guard politely told them to get back to the other queue as they didn’t have tickets. 

They came and stood behind me for a minute or two and then just walked IN FRONT of me! 

I sarcastically said, “Oh, pardonne.”

Le Penseur

They turned back and said that they were just looking at the other queue.  I told that I’d heard and saw what they were doing.  They didn’t apologize or anything.  They just stayed in line and bought their tickets.  People are un-bloody-believable.  If you’re busted, at least have the grace to apologize and move back to where you should be!

After buying my ticket, it was off to the third queue – an intersection of the two previous ones.  There was a groups of teenage girls on a school trip.  I’m a teacher, I know that no matter how great kids are, when you put a bunch of teenage girls together in a place they become obnoxious.  Particularly so when they are screwing around with the pamphets and yelling at each other across the foyer and NOT moving into the museum so others can too. 

Gorgeous roses throughout the garden

I actually made a harumphing noise and irritabilly said “Allez, s’il vous plait.” (I can’t believe I did that – what’s next?  Hitting people with a cane and calling them ‘sonny’?!?)

The girls had the grace to look slightly embarrassed and apologize.

Seriously, need a few days away from the crowds – it’s unlike me to lose my patience publicly (however, I am usually inwardly cursing and rallying against the stupidity of others – but not out loud!)

I just love the myriad colours of the roses!

It started to rain so I decided to tour the gardens as I figured the interiors would be crammed.  My timing was good and I strolled with almost no interruptions.  Then I went indoors and tours the pieces there.  Lovely museum with a good range of work displayed. Absolutely beautiful rose gardens too.   Is any trip to Paris complete without the “Gates of Hell” and “The Thinker”?



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7 responses to ““The Gates of Hell” indeed

  1. Mom

    Maybe Paris is the gate to Hell? Wasn’t that said at one time?
    miss you

  2. shawna

    hey you … so glad to hear that you went to the Musee Rodin. It is one of my favourites in Paris! sorry to hear that the people are becoming too much though … it’s all the darn tourists all over the place. Go back to Giverny (the gardens anyways), enjoy the solitude! ha.

    • Shawna, wait until you see the book I bought at the Rodin – beautiful. It’s full of his watercolours and sketches – the sketches are incredible. We’ll have to have a dinner and both bring our art books from the summer – can’t wait to see what you got at the Tate!

  3. “I actually made a harumphing noise and irritabilly said “Allez, s’il vous plait.” “

    Heyyyyyy! You are becoming a Parisienne!! Good for you on calling them out, I say!

    People can be such asshats. *sigh* I’m glad you did not let the turkeys get you down, and good to know about the Rodin museum and roses. I should go and check that out…

  4. Cavan

    ‘I heard them discuss going to the other queue as they thought they could get away with it as they were “little old ladies”.’

    My experience tells me that I could wager these “ladies” were from the USA and not lose the bet.

    Parisians don’t deserve their reputation for rudeness. They can’t compete with the level of rudeness I’ve seen my fellow citizens exhibit there and throughout France. Hooray for you for speaking up.

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