Ooh la la!!!

Next time, I'm getting the turquoise ones! And the purple ones...

Oh. My. God.  Omigod.  Oh my god. 

Just had my first macaron from Laduree.  These are amazing, incredible and delicious. 

Firstly the colours are a feast for the eyes alone.  Actually the entire place is – I want to live there.  But the macarons….oh my, the macarons!

The texture is incredible.  I expected it to be crunchier as it is meringue but there’s a reason they leave the cookies for two days after they’re made.  It’s the texture – it’s perfect.  Some crunch but not dry. And the ganache filling – rich, creamy and the perfect foil to the meringue.  Match made in heaven.

And the flavour?  Ooh la la!  Vanilla, raspberry, pistachio, lemon, coconut were my first choices.  They are incredible.  Sweet but not overly.  Flavourful but none of that chemical taste.  This is the real thing.

These are not cookies.  These would scoff in the face of cookies.  These are tiny, delicate, hand-crafted pieces of tasty art.

Apparently, Laduree waits for two days after making these delicious edible jewels before they will sell them (about 12,000 a day from all four of their shops).  The good news – they apparently last for a few days after purchase.  The bad news – I’ll probably eat the ones I’m bringing home on the plane.

Ooh la la….mmmmm…..



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3 responses to “Ooh la la!!!

  1. Mom

    sweets for the sweet, or so they say! talk to you soon – have a job (small repair – your Dad did an oops) for you when you get back – thanks in advance

    love ya

  2. Jengie

    I’m thinking you need to find a baking course that will teach you how to make these! Do you think they would be difficult to make?

    • I’m still considering that one! I think they’re tricky – meringue etc. Although, according to some, only the specific climate of Paris will make them come out with the right texture….perhaps, we will see!

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