It is a truth universally acknowledged…

Eiffel Tower

That firefighters are hot….and Paris is no exception.

As I went towards the Eiffel Tower today, I was surprised to see someone rappelling off it.  Even more surprised to see a bunch of firefighters gathered underneath.  I’m assuming they were doing exercises of some sort.  Anyways, they took turns for the entire time I was there.  Seeing the firefighters milling about (I don’t know what it is but it’s there!) was awesome…the military men on the other hand…love the beret, the machine gun I could do without.

Firefighters rappelling from Eiffel Tower

La Tour de Eiffel, the Iron Lady, whatever you want to call her….she is impressive.  Have a healthy respect for the ground level and a terrifying fear of glass elevators, I did not go to the top.  There isn’t much point when I would spend the entire time closing my eyes, gasping for breath and quite possibly either chanting (I wanna go down, I wanna go down) or screaming bloody murder (Get me the hell off of here!). And let me tell you, it is really hard to keep a low profile after that.

She's no longer a Lady!

The queues were atrociously long but at least it wasn’t sunny!  I walked to the opposite end of the Parc du Champs and stood on a little knoll to take some shots.  I was trying to be quick as there was an obnoxious man shouting orders to a guy taking a picture of him and his newly affianced girl (some of this is supposition because he was speaking French but with what I think was a German accent) and telling him how the composition of the pictures should be..blah, blah, blah.  So, in my haste, I apparently failed to notice that I was on unlevel ground!  So, even though she looks like the Iron Lady After Too Many Glasses of Rosé – she’s still as upright as ever (it’s that girdle!)

Military academy that Napoleon attended

This the Ecole Militaire where Napoleon went – one of his instructors reportedly said, “he could go far under favourable circumstances”. 

 I hope that guy got tenure.



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6 responses to “It is a truth universally acknowledged…

  1. Jengie

    Jenn, I’m disappointed. You should have gone to the top had a panic attack and then allow some of those hunky firemen escort you down! Oh well, there’s always next time.

  2. You are wise, Jennifer. You are wise.

  3. “I hope that guy got tenure.”


    You are so correct: firefighters *are* hot, everywhere! how interesting that you got to see them rappelling. Wow. That’s kind of cool. Or hot, since they were firefighters and all. 😉

  4. I didn’t go up to the top either. I have a motto I lived happily by for many years: if you can’t jump safely to the ground, it is too high.

    This is why, if I was a billionaire in New York, I would be the only one who lived in a Brownstone in Brooklyn.

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