Gawd Bless Texas!

Creme brulee

And France too!

I took a cooking class today and we made six Classic French Desserts.   It was great!  My favourite person from the class was the lady from Texas – just like Texas – big smile and big heart.  She was a hoot!  It was really nice to interact with people in a casual and friendly way.  There was another girl from Pennsylvania – lovely but nervous – she almost had a heart attack seperating the eggs (she’s never done it before).

The Tart - looks simple but involves three recipes!

 There was the family from California (parents in their sixties, daughter in her forties.  They were cute -the father was definitely there against his better judgment but I think he enjoyed himself in the end. And there was one French girl there – not sure why, she spent half  of the class racing outside for a cigarrette and texting on her cell – but hey, whatever floats your boat!

Les Chouquettes

Anyways, I had a great time and will be practicing my recipes on everyone when I get home!  They have a bunch more and I’ll certainly be taking some more.  Now just to decide….macarons, breakfast pastries, cake decorating, main dishes… many choices!



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5 responses to “Gawd Bless Texas!

  1. Gita

    I look forward to recipe practice! You already make a mean souffle!

  2. People from Texas and California just love Paris. I have never taken a group to Paris where there have not been Texans or Californians!

  3. Laureen

    Ummm… I would like some of the desserts, could you mail me some now, and then bake for me when you get home? You have messed with my cravings, nothing but that tart will do.

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