Typos and Updates

I apologize for all the typos in my posts but there are several factors involved:

1) I post after a long day and I’m tired.

2) I drink wine when I post.

3) I’m too damned lazy to re-read what I wrote.

4) I drink wine when I post.

5) Drinking wine makes me realize that editing is superfluous.

Update: Spoke to Jemma today and I had looked up the word for surgery and told her what it was.  She said she understood.  But I saw the look in her eye – there is no way she believes me.  She would’ve made a great teacher – her “look” is really good.  Thankfully she’s too nice to say anything so…I tried!



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2 responses to “Typos and Updates

  1. Gita

    Well of course you needed surgery, she’s thinking. You got clocked in the face…..

    See, to her it all makes perfect sense. And you’ve fled the country where this travesty happened and are now hiding out.

    In Paris. In her building.

    And she has to be on the lookout for when some psycho Canadian guy might come speeding up on a motorbike, and he’ll be wearing… chains! yeah, chains and he’ll be banging on every door in the arrondissment screaming STELLA… oh wait, wrong movie. He’ll be screaming JENNY [snerk, okay, I can’t even type that without laughing]. So, yeah, he’ll be screaming your name and Jemma will KNOW who he is immediately, because, hello, [or bonjour! as the case may be] she KNEW IT ALL ALONG.

  2. That’s exactly it! That was exactly the look she gave me!
    She has a house in Casablanca where she will retire too – intrigue is in her blood!
    P.S. – you are so funny! Laughed out loud reading this!

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