Karl Lagerfeld forgive me…for I have sinned.

To get into the Louvre

That’s right.  I did something terrible today.  Something I swore I would never do.  It’s the blisters.  They drove me to it!  My feet need to heal and short of taking a day and doing nothing (ugh), I had to do it.

I wore athletic shoes…my runners…in PUBLIC…when I wasn’t running.

I had to.  It looked awful and I felt like a shmuck but there wasn’t any other way (as you know, I have big feet – nope, not over it yet). 

But don’t worry – I told everyone I was an American!

More stairs...

The weather today is bloody hot.  Even the French are melting.  Plus mid-thirties all day.  It was the perfect day to spend at the Louvre!

The ancient artifacts were great!

I loved, loved, loved, loved it!  I was there about nine and didn’t leave until almost five.  The crowds are unbelievable but the museum is quite efficient and the lines weren’t too long.  It took about 10 minutes to get to the line to buy the ticket (security bag checks), a ½ hour to buy a ticket and another 5 to actually get in.  Not too bad!

It really is a beautiful place.  Everything is laid out well (albeit it can be confusing after a few hours).  I did two sections and had to take a break for lunch.  Not only was it really hot, as not all the sections are temperature controlled – it was crowded and everyone was hot.  I saw two people faint!  And I overheard two Aussie’s saying that the line-ups at the infirmary were as bad as to buy a ticket.  I went outside for a little while and took a few pictures and rested in the shade.  Then back inside for the third section.

Part of Napoleon's apartments

The Mona who?


It’s unbelievably huge.  I didn’t realize there were so many stairs either – the last two sections I climbed to the top and then went around the section and made my way down.  On the first one, I missed a part and had to double back a few times. 

I did see the Mona Lisa and managed to get one shot without anyone’s head or camera in my way – it’s not too bad considering it’s covered with glass.  When  I was done, I hit the museum stores and showed great restraint and only bought a few books for my classroom.  Thankfully most were in French and I know there’s English versions so I’m guessing there’s an order from Amazon soon to be on my parents porch….

The forbidden picture...shh! Don't tell anyone!

Oh! And I did something really, really bad too!  I stepped into a side room and was totally inspirted by the work – it’s part of the current temporary exhibit.  So that means no photos at all!  I completely forgot, snapped a couple of picture and then jotted some notes for a project to do with my students.  I was walking out, saw the sign (for the 87th time) and said, “Oops!” out loud!  Je m’excuse, musee de Louvre! 

An artist - practicing his skills...

I did stop at Starbucks on the way out (it had the shortest line and I needed caffeine in a frappacino format – badly.  Don’t judge me.  Okay, go ahead and judge me.  I would.  You’d do the same and you know it.)  A British woman was in front of me.  She ordered a couple of drinks and two bottles of water.  The barista asked her (in French, bien sur) what size of coffees.  She sighed, exasperated.  She waves over her husband. 

Woman: I don’t know what he’s saying.

Barista waves to the samples of cup sizes and asks again.

Woman: (actually almost snorts) I can’t stand this. You order things from now on.

Barista picks up two cups and says “C’est la? Ou c’est la?” very politely again to the woman.  Her husband shrugs.  I intervene and tell her he’s asking what size of drinks she wants (isn’t it obvious by now? God bless people who motion and try when there’s a language barrier.

Seriously, it's huge.

Woman: points at one cup in front of the barista. Says to me: “I thought this place would be run by those Americans.  But they all only speak French.”  She rolls her eyes and goes to pick up her drink.

Yeah.  It’s almost like you’re in a foreign country or something.



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4 responses to “Karl Lagerfeld forgive me…for I have sinned.

  1. Gita

    having worked at Starbucks for years, I can tell you that even when they speak the same language as the barista, 80% of people will forget to specify a size when they order.

    and hey! I wear athletic shoes out!

    • I don’t know how you did it. I would’ve told someone to eff off for sure. That lady was so rude to that guy!
      And as for the shoes – they weren’t like your cute little adias (or that type anyway) ones (those are quite popular here btw) – they were my full on, ready to retire but waiting for the fall, asics and I wore them with cotton capris and a tank top. With socks. And my travel bag and my camera. If I had two screaming kids and a grumbling husband wearing a tahiti print shirt with shorts, black socks and sandals, my picture could be beside “stereotypically bad looking tourist” in the dictionary.

  2. Jengie

    Love reading your blog. Makes me feel like I’m in Paris. Can’t wait to read more.

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