Finally fruit…and more food!

At the end of my day today, I went back to Monoprix and despite being YELLED at by the man who weighs the fruit (apparently I had the wrong ‘sac’ and then some french words I didn’t understand and didn’t want to) – I have fruit!!!  Yea! Since it’s too hot to eat anything other than sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit and ….well….you’ll see.

Un tradi

My first official french baguette!  Doesn’t it look delicious?  It was.  I’ve since had two other kinds of baguettes and am one of those annoying people (you know – in Starbucks – a venti skinny extra-hot with a grande double shot of omigod-I’m-going-to-have-to-shoot-your-pretentious-ass) in the boulangerie.  “Je voudrais un tradi, s’il vous plait.”  That’s right – a ‘tradi’ – a traditional baguette – the others ones are either too crusty or too chewy.  Oh, whatever.  I like it.

A mini-quiche lorraine – had it for dinner the other night.  Yum, yum, yum.  Although I made the lady in the boulangerie laugh.  She asked if I wanted it heated.  I completely blanked on the word for cold.  So I shook my head and said, “Pas chaud.” (no hot).  She laughed and said “Juste pas chaud? Tu es drole.”  Great, now the french people are openly laughing at me.  Then it hit me. “Froid!”  She laughed again, said something to her co-worker (probably – tourists are idiots – no, not that exactly, I would’ve understood – but that would be the idea!)  and laughed again.  Sigh.  D’accord.  Je suis drole.

Quiche Lorraine

I also had a wonderful sorbet du citron today.  But I didn’t take a picture.  I was too busy gobbling it down.  It was fantastic!


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