What’s with the fruit?

I made it to Monoprix today!  It wasn’t too busy considering it was a Saturday. Lots of selection but seems expensive – I think that it’s standard for Paris but will shop around to make sure!  I decided to get some fruit and was glad that as it was a supermarche – I could touch the fruit!  I like to touch my fruit.  When it’s only one person eating it, it can take a while so I try to get some that are ready to eat right away and others that need a few days.  Sigh.  David Lebovitz talked about the touching the fruit thing on his blog.  I’ll have to remember when I go to the market tomorrow morning…because I still don’t have any fruit!

When I got to the register a very nice lady explained to me (it wasn’t too painful thank god) that I needed to put the fruit into bags and weigh it by the fruit section – it pops out a sticker.  They don’t weigh it at the checkout.  Sigh.  D’accord.  Fruit for another day!



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5 responses to “What’s with the fruit?

  1. Gita

    srsly, why won’t they let you touch the fruit? It is a theft issue? sanitation? general pissiness?

    • I think it’s a “I own that fruit until you buy it so don’t bruise it” thing. Not sure. I’m willing to bet sanitation is NOT the issue. General pissiness is entirely possible. Or maybe a country-wide conspiracy to try and keep North Americans away from any healthy food!

  2. Jengie

    This is God’s way of telling you don’t eat fruit, eat more chocolate.

  3. jessica

    Don’t touch the cheese either. LOL. Trust me, they’ll really yell at you!

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